About Us

Meet The President

The President of “Shanny & James Associates, Inc. DBA: Buck-A-Roo Delivery Service,” Shatonyell “Shanny” Davis, has more than ten years of experience in the financial industry and is presently shaping her career as an entrepreneur. Her background in finance has equipped her with in-depth, first-hand knowledge of ways to make good on financial investments. She prides herself and bases her company on loyalty, honesty, and determination. Her ambition and focus drive Shanny to better herself by continuing her education by attending classes, webinars, networking on management, development and events. Shanny anticipates her commitment to personal and company growth will result in expansion of her brand and success as an entrepreneur.

Our Mission

To supply businesses with a timely, safe, and professional courier experience that focuses on attentiveness at rapid speeds. We work to gain the trust and loyalty of our partners to make good on their investments and to succeed and expand in our endeavors.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing reliable, traceable, topnotch, fast courier service – business to business or customer to customer – and to maintaining a high level of integrity. Our company’s responsibility to our customers is SAFETY first!

What separates Buck-A-Roo from the competition?

The quality service and care that Buck-A-Roo Delivery Service brings forth sets us apart from the rest! Here we handle your valuables with respect, caution and responsibility. We make it our mission to always give above and beyond work to satisfy the needs of your business.